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PIM Family

"PRINTINGS IN MOTION" brings you the latest of technologies in video and printing. From greeting cards to invitation cards, magazine ads to interactive brochures: everything is feasible. If you are a business; benefit from a distinctive competitive advantage adding significant incremental value to your digital presentation for a true multimedia production IN PRINT.

Out with the old, and in with the new: it is now possible to personally invite your guests to the wedding, without actually meeting with them in-person! No more writing, no more words! Just film a video, then choose a card style, and we’ll do the rest! Using the latest Printings in Motion technology, we offer printed greeting cards which include a digital screen and a set of speakers. Our cards offer you high quality video and sound allowing you to show and play your wedding invitation in the most pleasant and surprising way!

PIMtech is a revolutionary solution for all types of theme parks, allowing visitors “to capture the moment” in video and sound, and then store it on customized Video Cards. Their memories will last forever… Our solution is shockproof, waterproof, wireless, smart, reliable and most importantly customizable.

Spreengs™ are the first customizable video greeting cards ever! No more writing, no more words! Just film a video and download it to the card, then watch your friends and family as they enjoy your self-made card in awe. We have a complete range of card designs for you to send for every special occasion and celebration. It's easy to transfer your picture, sound, or video files (in any format) to the card using a USB connection from your computer.